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New sellers
$19.99 monthly
Great for new sellers who have 1-3 products, less than 500 keywords in their Sponsored Ads and sell on one Amazon Marketplace
  • 1 Amazon Marketplace
  • 3 Products (SKU's)
  • 500 Keywords
  • PPC Tips From Brian Johnson
  • Friendly Email Support Team


Growing sellers
$44.99 monthly
Great for growing sellers who have up to 10 products across up to 3 Amazon Marketplaces or Accounts
  • 3 Amazon Marketplaces
  • 10 Products (SKU's)
  • 8,000 Keywords
  • PPC Tips From Brian Johnson
  • Friendly Email Support Team


International sellers
$64.99 monthly
Great for sellers who sell across multiple Amazon Marketplaces or Accounts
  • 7 Amazon Marketplaces
  • 100 Products (SKU's)
  • 12,000 Keywords
  • PPC Tips From Brian Johnson
  • Friendly Email Support Team


Kick ass sellers
$84.99 monthly
Great for sellers with large Ad Campaigns and lots of Keywords
  • 7 Amazon Marketplaces
  • 1,000 Products (SKU's)
  • 20,000 Keywords
  • PPC Tips From Brian Johnson
  • Friendly Email Support Team

Not sure if PPC Scope is for you?
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  • The ONLY 8 steps you need to know to achieve profitable ads
  • How to go from an 80%+ ACOS to 20% or less in just 4 weeks
  • Why "Negative Exact Matching" is more important than "Bid Adjustment"
  • The best way to structure your campaigns now, for quick optimization later